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Integrate Zend framework library in codeigniter

Today I will show you how to Integrate Zend framework library in codeigniter.

First you need to download zend libraries from their official site.

Then copy the library folder to “Application/Libraries/” folder

Now you need to create a loader for codeigniter to use those libraries. Save this code to Application/Libraries/Zend.php file

if (!defined('BASEPATH')) { exit('No direct script access allowed'); }

class Zend {

public function __construct($class = NULL) {

ini_set('include_path',ini_get('include_path') . PATH_SEPARATOR . APPPATH . 'libraries');

if ($class) {

require_once (string) $class . EXT;
log_message('debug', "Zend Class $class Loaded");

}else {

log_message('debug', "Zend Class Initialized");


public function load($sClassName) {

require_once (string) $sClassName . EXT;

log_message('debug', "-> Zend Class $sClassName Loaded from the library");



That’s it. Now call library what you need from your method.

Here I show one example to load Google Spreedsheet.

public function index(){


    $oSpreadSheet = new Zend_Gdata_Spreadsheets();

    $entry = $oSpreadSheet->newCellEntry();
    $cell = $oSpreadSheet->newCell();
    $cell->setText('My cell value');
    $entry->cell = $cell;
    var_dump(  $entry );

Now enjoy the power of zend in your codeigniter web application.

Happy Coding 🙂