Selecting series in a datframe

We know pandas have a most common data structure which is data-frame. We can select some values from a data-frame with some basic commands.

import pandas as pd
ufo = pd.read_table('', sep=',')

or we can use read_csv() method which have a comma separator by default.

ufo = pd.read_csv ('')

City Colors Reported Shape Reported State Time
0 Ithaca NaN TRIANGLE NY 6/1/1930 22:00
1 Willingboro NaN OTHER NJ 6/30/1930 20:00
2 Holyoke NaN OVAL CO 2/15/1931 14:00
3 Abilene NaN DISK KS 6/1/1931 13:00
4 New York Worlds Fair NaN LIGHT NY 4/18/1933 19:00

We can select a series with bracket notation

0                      Ithaca
1                 Willingboro
2                     Holyoke
3                     Abilene
4        New York Worlds Fair
5                 Valley City

We can also concatenate two column with simple python operation.

ufo['City'] +', '+ ufo['State']
0                      Ithaca, NY
1                 Willingboro, NJ
2                     Holyoke, CO
3                     Abilene, KS
4        New York Worlds Fair, NY
5                 Valley City, ND



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