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Create a simple wordpress plugin from scratch

Creating a wordpress plugin is very simple. Here I show you step by step of creating a simple wordpress plugin from scratch.

I will show  simple wordpress plugin for a paypal donate button.

First task in creating a WordPress Plugin is to choice a name for your wordpress plugin. Here our plugin name is paypal-donate .

Plugin Files:

Now you have to create a PHP file derived from your chosen Plugin name . Here I create a file named paypal_donate.php

Plugin Header :

Now Create the header section of your plugin. This section contain plugin information and show this information on wordpress plugin manage panel.

        Plugin Name: Paypal Donate Widget
        Plugin URI:https://github.com/salayhin/Wordpress-Plugins/tree/master/paypal-donate
        Description: Paypal Donate button for wordpress
        Author: sirajus salayhin
        Version: 0.0.1
        Author URI: http://salayhin.com

After this header section you should add a license for your wordpress plugin. Here I add GPL2 license used by wordpress. Continue reading Create a simple wordpress plugin from scratch