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Create virtual environment with virtualenvwrapper in windows

Suppose you need to work on three different projects project A, project B and project C. project A and project B need python 3 and some required libraries. But for project C you need python 2.7 and dependent libraries.

So best practice for this is to separate those project environments. For creating separate python virtual environment need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Install pip with this command:
python -m pip install -U pip

Step 2: Then install “virtualenvwrapper-win” package by using command (command can be executed windows power shell):

pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

Step 3: Create a new virtualenv environment by using command: mkvirtualenv python_3.5

Step 4: Activate the environment by using command:

workon < environment name> Continue reading Create virtual environment with virtualenvwrapper in windows


Install Zend framework on WAMP server

Few day’s ago we deployed one of our web application to windows machine. Then I have learn how to set up zend framework on windows machine.

Zend install on wamp is very easy.

FIrst download the latest zend framework from the official site of zend . Here is the link . http://framework.zend.com/download/latest

Upload the folder to your local server.

1. Edit php.ini

php,ini file is located under


if you want to find where php.ini file

go to following link and



; Paths and Directories ;

; UNIX: "/path1:/path2"
;include_path = ".:/php/includes"

; Windows: "path1;path2"
include_path = ".;c:phpincludes;c:wamplibraryzendframeworklibrary"

after changing php.ini you need to restart wamp server.

Now create virtual host. Here is step by step instruction for configure virtual host on WAMP for local development.

Firstly you will need to download and install WAMP. Continue reading Install Zend framework on WAMP server